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A selection of my performance art appearances.
Eine Auswahl meiner Performance-Auftritte. Für die deutschsprachige Version hier klicken.


Nikolai Vogel - Angst, Saurier
Photos © by Nikolai Vogel

Nikolai Vogel: »Angst, Saurier«. An end time novel (in German language) as an intimate play. Angst and anxiety. This novel ist not published yet. Nikolai Vogel performed it from his appartment. From another kind of quarantine in the year 2020. 40 days Aus einer anderen Art der Quarantäne im Jahr 2020. 40 days in a row. From March 18 to April 26, 2020, he recored an episode each day - and nahm er täglich eine Folge auf - und put it on his YouTube-Channel.
More and to the episodes (German language).

DIE ABWICKLUNG DES ANALOGEN ZEITALTERS (winding-up analogue age) (2015 - )

»Weltraum 2/7«, Rathausgalerie Munich, 2015
Performance-video-recording on my YouTube-Channel here: 

The title "Die Abwicklung des analogen Zeitalters" means in English: "winding-up analogue age" - but German "Abwicklung" means also "liquidation".

Nikolai Vogel - Die Abwicklung des analogen Zeitalters
Photos © by Eltorn

A big tape real including the tape is drawn up with a string to the ceiling of the room like a horizontal plate. The bottom side of the reel has been removed, the wound up tape is visible. Its beginning is on the loose, unwinding the tape, round per round, foot by foot, hundreds of feet ... like an uncoiling paper streamer in slow motion: an elegant rotating motion, fascinating, irresistible, attracted by gravity and time. The tape piles up on the floor: disorder, state of dissolving, entropy. Winding-up analogue age.

Simultaneously a performance speech aloud: »The background sound of the universe is analogue. Space? Is space analogue? Or is there everywhere perhaps really only a 0 and a 1? One or the other. Entirely without in-betweens? In-betweens represents the analogue state. Not only yes or no, not only two-valued logic. More a rotating motion than a switch. Touching machines. Mountains and valleys. And the the rotating dial plate of a phone. Where you could put in a finger in each number. Counting-out rhymes ...« (Translation from the German original speech)

DIE ABWICKLUNG DES ANALOGEN ZEITALTERS (compact version) (winding-up analogue age) (2018)

Kitchen Exhibition, Munich 2018
Performance-video-recording on my YouTube-Channel here: 

Nikolai Vogel - Die Abwicklung des analogen Zeitalters (compact version)
Photos © by Eltorn

A new version in smaller dimensions of my art performance "Die Abwicklung des analogen Zeitalters" (winding-up analogue age) at the opening of my solo show in the kitchen exhibition at Elisabeth Pilhofer in a flat in Munich-Sendling, March 5, 2018.


4. KloHäuschen Biennial "KHBi4: Von Ottobrunn lernen", Munich 2018
Performance-Video-Mitschnitt auf meinem YouTube-Channel hier: 

Nikolai Vogel - Vernetzen wir uns / Let's connect!
Photos © by Eltorn

You can hear everywhere that you should network. Alright. Do we. But analogue! With a music cassette! Art performance at 4. KloHäuschen Biennial "KHBi4: Von Ottobrunn lernen", Municg, July, 19, 2018.

AUFWÄRTS ABWÄRTS / ABWÄRTS AUFWÄRTS (upwards downwards / downwards upwards) (2015)

St. Christoph on Arlberg, Austria 2015
Performance-video-recording on my YouTube-Channel here: 

»Bergwärts 2015« (Uphill 2015), a »Wander-Ausstellung« (touring/hiking exhibition), 2. culinary and art Festival St. Anton on Arlberg, group exhibition, St. Christoph on Arlberg, Austria, 2015. Curated by section.a, Vienna. Art Performance by Nikolai Vogel with signs by Silke Markefka: »aufwärts abwärts / abwärts aufwärts« (upwards downwards / downwards upwards). The Visitors of the hiking exhibition got handed out signs at the stating point, that they carried up the mountain. Arrived at the top, they were arranged in the right order and were participants of the art performance:

Nikolai Vogel - aufwärts abwärts / abwärts aufwärts
Photos © by Eltorn

»You, my dear sign holders have a responsible job now for that I need your full concentration. Each time, when it goes up or upwards in my speech or uphill, a rise, than you have to turn your sign so that the black line is pointing forward. Turning! Yes exactly! And each time when it goes down, downhill, downwards, than you turn the red line pointing forward please, so we can see it, the decline. dann drehen Sie bitte den roten Strich nach vorne, damit wir es sehen, das Gefälle. Yes exactly, thank you very much!, vielen Dank! That works very well, so let's get started! ...« (Translation from the German original speech)
Here you find also some photos of the climb with the signs


Kunst im Bau (art under construction), former "Betriebswerkstätten der Isartalbahn" (maintenance workshop of the Isarriver valley Railway), Munich, 2014

»Two lines of digital backup tape stretched through the room into the air. An epiphany, solid like made of metal rods or razor-thin, nearly vanishing, fragile. Predetermination, control, abrupt endings. Targets in different directions, freedom as an unknown space, promise, secret, puzzle - a continuous quest.« (Translation from the German original accompanying text)

Nikolai Vogel - Data Rails
Standbilder aus den Videos © by Nikolai Vogel / VG Bild-Kunst

An installation for the exhibition »bahnen - zwischen wallfahrtskirche und zoo« (inbetween pilgrimage church and zoo), »Kunst im Bau« (art under/in construction) in the former maintenance workshop of the Isarriver valley railway. Digital backup tape (2 data cartridges), nails, fishing line, about 50 x 23 x 20 ft. Before this former railway maintenance workshop is getting renovated and rebuilt the big hall is sort of crossed out by Nikolai Vogel's installation. A big X is stretched through the room - at least it so appears to the viewers when they enter. But if they walk on sideward the middle of this X is getting invisible, as if it has vanished into thin air .... Sometimes the the Installation looks solid and massive and then again elusive, floating in a strange way. Perspectives are slipping depending on the viewers point of view ... At the end of the exhibition Nikolai Vogel performed the dismantling with a cassette tape recorder, light, shadow and darkness:

»The romm like crossed out now. A kind of a big X Art großes X through. Function nullified. Like the marks on tree trunks, before the lumberjacks are coming. And the walls here like old weathered barks. Time is crumbling down. Die Zeit bröselt runter. And yet it seems to pass differently. Closing down. The room is there still.« From the performance at the end of the exhibition: »closing down / Betriebsaufgabe«. (Translation from the German original accompanying text)

DIE ERSTE MÜNCHNER SEE-TRIENNALE FÜR PERFORMANCE-KUNST (Munich first lake-triennial for performance art) (2012)

»Three Letter Words«, Olympic Lake in the Olympic Park, Munich 2012

Nikolai Vogel - Three Letter Words auf der Ersten Münchner See-Triennale für Performance-Kunst
Photos © by Eltorn

A formation of three rowboats. Each is moving a big letter on flipchart paper across the lake. The boats are rowed in different directions across the whole lake, they change position again and again and they come to the correct order step by step: »ICH« (Me). Then the sheets are removed and other ones below with new letters come to view. The boats try to rearange themselves again, so that the the short word is getting readable: »ALS« (when/for) ... The same happens with other tree letter words: »SEE« (lake), »WIE« (as/how), »ALL« (universe), and stimulate the spectators to create their very own relations to the ambience and reflect on its specific appearance, its history, its function. View and interpretation instantly get pulled out of their common and anticipated experience and are animated to draw comparisons. Why is the lake labeled »ICH« (Me)? What does the »WIE« (as/how) mean? How is the lake changing when it carries letters marking it as »SEE« (lake) or labeling it and its background as »ALL« (universe)? The well known or as an touristic attraction visited lake scenery suddenly appears abstract and exemplary.

The lake-triennal was designed and curated by Nikolai Vogel. He invited eight artists for it.. — With this project he was Winner at the competition "Let's perform" public art of the State Capital Munich Department of Cultural Affairs 2012. More abaout See-Triennale (German Language).


A art performance, that is further developed in variations from version to version. appearance amongst others Lyrik Kabinett Munich, KP-Projects Munich, Kunstpavillon im Alten Botanischen Garten Munich  ...

Nikolai Vogel - Data Explosion
Photos © by Eltorn

»Cosmos compressed, all the data, it's getting light, it's getting lighter, I don't recognize anything, I don't make a difference, lighter, blinding, the white is tipping in the black, you're wearing sunglasses in my exhibition — nobody is wearing sunglasses in my exhibition! And my terabyte is fuller than yours!« (aus: Data Explosion V. alpha 1.1)

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Photo top © by Toby Binder